Monday, April 4, 2011

My experience and feeling on this Elearning Assignment

Enjoyed the most on this activity:  I enjoyed going outdoors and doing projects/work  instead of staying at home,answering MCQ questions.... I also enjoyed exploring more on my neighbourhood as well as knowing the history of my hometown. 

Challenge Faced: The challenge faced in this activity was that, i could not get anyone on my video as i wanted to interview them and i also could not take video as i don't have a device that could take video and my phone does not have the video application (except for mac)

Describe one area that i could improved on if i was given the opportunity to do it again:
I could have taken more pictures and explain more specifically and i also could have done a table on the data i received.

Name, Register number and Class

Patrick Tan Jing Long

Monday, March 21, 2011

Travelogue for Tourists and Our Future Generations

All the building here are 5-room flat and their position is good as there is a shopping mall located right next to these building and bus interchange as well as an mrt station... Residents living here finds it very convenient and comfortable as they can get what they want here easily.

Past:This building became available to people to live in 1998.
Present: And now, over a few thousand people in living in all the HDB flats here

The people here finds MC Donald very convenient as they provides fast and efficient food. They have been well known to serve Fast Food.
Past:This excellence 2 storey MC Donald was here before the building were built
Present:It is now upgraded in to a better look and more features have been upgraded too.

This mall consist of variety shops here... such examples are bubble tea shop,arcade,theatre,spa,supermarket, food court and many more..... The Atrium always been booked by stalls to showcase their items as well as to promote their items.

Past:It was built in 1997 and nothing much was inside until more stalls and shops have become available such as supermarkets
Present: Now it is always flooded with people here to shop,eat and game as there is a arcade in this mall too.